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The C.U.M.A. Survival School specializes in no-nonsense training for everyone who is interested in Combatives, Self Defense, Urban Survival or venturing into the great outdoors. It does not matter if you are 45 year old civilian “novice” or a seasoned combat/law enforcement veteran; our goal is to provide quality instruction to anyone who is interested leaning valuable skill sets that can potentially save someone’s life.

Our school is very unique as we do NOT claim to be the end all be all experts on everything survival. Our INSTRUCTORS are required to also be the ETERNAL STUDENTS and are REQUIRED to be proactive with their personal training as well. In short, we practice what we preach and lead by example.

While we are capable of offering multiple classes in a day, our class sizes are generally limited to 30 students per class and we will generally have 2 or more instructors staffed in each class (unless it is a small class and requires one instructor). All of our courses can vary in speed from classroom lecture to very fast paced, progressive and ever evolving hands on training just like the world that we all live in. While all of our classes are either lead or hosted by our certified C.U.M.A. instructors, we do offer 1 to 3 day training courses that network with other professional Combatives, Urban/Wilderness, firearm and emergency medical instructors from around the world.

CUMA SURVIVAL SCHOOL is also unique in that while there are “satellite programs”, we are mainly mobile trainers. Meaning WE DO NOT operate a chain of brick and mortar schools. However, some of our certified trainers either own/operate schools that offer C.U.M.A Combatives or other C.U.M.A. survival courses and products that benefit their existing client base. If you own a gym or are with a law enforcement / military / security agency that is interested in hosting C.U.MA. Training classes or becoming a certified C.U.M.A. instructor please email sijo@cumasurvivalschool.com.

The C.U.M.A. Survival School was founded by world re-known martial artist, CQC trainer, Book/DVD author, magazine writer and knife designer “SIJO” Waysun Johnny Tsai (for SIJO’s Bio click here).

Utilizing his over 32 years of combined experience in martial the arts and 20 plus years of work experience in the private security sector, SIJO first launched the C.U.M.A Tactical Street Defense program in 2002 and has since developed it into a Survival/ Adventure Network with focused reality based training for real people engaged in true survival scenarios.

Over the past decade with his heavy involvement in the tactical industry SIJO has met many amazing instructors, trained with them and learned crucial lifesaving skills. The C.U.M.A. Survival School and our trained instructors are dedicated in bringing those skills to you along with a superior level of training to prepare you for whatever conditions or adventure that you may find yourself in.

SiJo Waysun “Johnny” Tsai


Waysun Johnny Tsai is the founder of C.U.M.A. (Combined Universal Martial Applications), Global Chief Instructor for C.U.M.A., Practical Tactical Training and “THE A.R.C.” (All Range Combat).
SiJo (founder of a system) Waysun “Johnny” Tsai was born and raised on the North-side of Chicago. He began his official martial arts training 34 years ago at the young age of 8.

In 1988 Sijo earned his 1st degree black sash in two different martial arts systems. It was then that Sijo began to travel extensively around the globe in order to train with and participate in many seminars with some of the greatest names in the martial arts. Over the next twenty years his dual “1st degree” instructor ranks became dual “8th degree” rankings.

In 2003, Sijo created the C.U.M.A. Tactical Street Defense program, it was then that he realized his true calling for CQC, Knife, Tactical and Survival training. As his passion and networks grew in these communities, his interest in the traditional arts weaned and in 2009 after long hard thought Sijo decided to launch the C.U.M.A. program full time and RETIRE from the “traditional” martial arts completely. In October of 2012, Sijo decided to completely close his storefront martial arts school and OPEN Chicago’s FIRST Urban, Wilderness and Street Fight Survival School…The C.U.M.A. Survival School.

Today “Sijo” Tsai is considered to be one of the world’s foremost and progressive experts in practical street defense. Simply put, his hard work, expertise and innovation have been widely accepted and put into use by numerous agencies and training facilities within the practical/tactical/knife and firearm communities. While he NO LONGER teaches the TRADITIONAL martial arts or wears a “Black Belt” in class, He is the founder of C.U.M.A. (Combined Universal Martial Applications) and A.R.C. (All Range Combat) reality based fighting which has been featured in tactical and knife magazines around the world. Sijo has authored a practical street defense book, 9 DVDS and has designed over a half dozen knife and impacts weapons which are currently available on the market today.
Outside of teaching the combat arts SIJO has spent the past 20 years working in the private security sector. CUMA COMBATIVES has been widely accepted among the Knife, Tactical, Military and Law Enforcement communities.

Even as highly accredited CQC instructor, Tsai considers himself the “Eternal Student” and attends as many courses on Urban Survival, Tactical Firearms, Law Enforcement and Military Combatives as his schedule will permit.

Waysun Johnny Tsai has served as the North American Chief Instructor for a large chain of martial arts schools from 2002-2012. He served as an USAWKF committee member (www.usawkf.org) for full contact San Shou (2007-2008) and has over 28 years of experience in teaching the martial arts. Since 2006, his teachings have reached more than a million people via live training, appearances, books, magazines, television, DVD and other social media outlets including: CBS CHANNEL 2 News, The Chicago Reader, WGN Radio, YouTube, WNUR SCOPE RADIO (Northwestern University) www.scoperadio.com and the WGN Channel 9 Morning news segment (Around Here, April 2010).

Waysun Johnny Tsai

Published Books:

Published DVDs:

  • Combat Kung Fu Series: Shadow Palm (Beckett Media/Unique Publications) Summer 2007
  • Combat Kung Fu Series: Defensive Concepts and Applications (Beckett Media/Unique Publications) Summer 2007
  • Volume One: Practical Tactical Pen Street Defense (TKFI) June 2009
  • Volume Two: Practical Tactical Impact And Edged Weapons (TKFI) January 2010
  • Volume Three: Practical Tactical All Range Combat (TKFI) January 2011
  • The Practical Tactical Schrade Pen (Taylor Brands LLC) Summer 2010
  • The Essential SWAT Baton (Taylor Brands LLC) Summer 2011

Additional Products Designed by Waysun Johnny Tsai:

  • The C.U.M.A. RAM “Executive” Tactical Pen (www.cumaram.com)
  • The C.U.M.A. RAM “SLEEK” Tactical Pen (www.cumaram.com)
  • The C.U.M.A. EVOLUTION 6” Fixed Blade (www.topsknives.com)
  • The C.U.M.A. TAK-RI 13”  Fixed Blade (www.topsknives.com)
  • The C.U.M.A. HISS  Neck Knife (www.topsknives.com)
  • The C.U.M.A. BATTLE CLEAVER Fixed Blade (www.smkw.com) Available early 2013
  • The C.U.M.A. BEAST olding Knife (www.smkw.com)
  • The C.U.M.A. BUSH HAWK Tomahawk (www.smkw.com)
  • The CU.M.A. SCAXE 3 Tomahawk (Schrade Knives & Tools)

Sijo currently writes and contributes monthly
and quarterly columns for: 

Recent Awards:

  • 1st Place Expert / Black Belt Self Defense Division/ Scored 9.9 & Perfect 10 (Gen-Ki 30th Annual Tournament 2011…SIJO’s Final Competition won him a nice 6 foot trophy)
  • Awarded into 2010 Action Magazine HOF (Jan 2010)



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  • Pro-Securite (France) October 2011
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  • Tactical Knives Magazine (CUMA TAK-RI) Nov 2012
  • Tactical Knives Magazine (CUMA EVOLUTION) July 2011
  • Inside kung Fu Magazine (With Kris Haines) August, 2010.
  • Inside kung Fu Magazine (WJT’s Practical Tactical Pen, Feb 2010)
  • Inside Kung Fu Magazine (TKFI 45th Anniversary Article,October 2009)
  • Inside Kung Fu Magazine (Blazing His Own Path, Nov 2008)
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  • 14 minute report on KBC/ Asian American News (October 2006)
  • 12 minute feature report on KBC/Asian American News (Lenny Kim, Reporter; February 2006)

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CUMA COMBATIVES training with SiJo Waysun Johnny Tsai is available via Private lessons, Seminars, Weekend Bootcamps and Corporate Workshops ONLY. Please visit our training pages to schedule your classes.