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C.U.M.A. in the French Magazine Pro-Securite

C.U.M.A. Combatives and Waysun Johnny Tsai has been featured in Pro-Securite magazine three times, read the articles below.

Practical Tactical Schrade Pen Oct 2010
C.U.M.A. Ram May 2011
TOPS C.U.M.A. Evolution Dec 2011

CUMA RAM: El bolígrafo táctico convertido en herramienta de defensa

Esta no es la primera vez que en estas mismas páginas hablamos de bolígrafos tácticos. En anteriores ocasiones, os hemos desvelado las propiedades de algunos modelos que recién aterrizaban en el mercado español, como los diversos modelos de firmas como UZI o Smith & Wesson, entre otras. Sin embargo, ahora ha caído en nuestras manos un nuevo bolígrafo bautizado como CUMA RAM y que, sin miedo a equivocarnos, podemos asegurar que se trata del bolígrafo táctico más avanzado del mercado actual…

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Tactical Knives Magazine

How the comic book character Snake Eyes came to use a TOPS knife!

I have been writing for the most part of the last 15 years about the law enforcement profession and about all kinds of edged weapons and tools. I have written about knives and tools, which I or other officers carried while serving in Kosovo as a United Nations police officer. I even wrote about edged weapons and tools as I served in Iraq as a police advisor for two years. But I have never written about a real edged weapon carried by a comic book character, until now…

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Tops Knives CUMA Evolution, a Waysun Johnny Tsai Design Built to Take A Beating!


I feel like martial arts & knives go hand in hand, naturally on some level. They are both interests that captivated me very early in life, and often when I think of one, the other pops into my head as well. There have been points during the relatively young life of the tactical knife market category that have been dominated by designs from Special Operations folks, in addition to professional, career knife-makers. Most production knife companies collaborate with all sorts of professional soldiers, police officers etc. to produce signature model knife designs. It’s not rare to see knives out there designed by people with martial arts backgrounds, but it’s more uncommon to see knives designed by what I might call, “pure” martial artists. Datu Kelly S. Worden of Modern Arnis fame comes to mind as somebody that, by most standards would be considered a pure martial artist, who has worked his knowledge and fighting expertise into a successful segue into the world of knives & tactical gear…

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TOPS Knives CUMA Tak Ri version 2


Waysun Johnny Tsai is sort of a martial skills Renaissance-Man. Johnny has built, & continues to build his reputation through his school, Tsai’s Kungfu International, based out of Chicago. Johnny also is a dedicated knife fan, street defense instructor, and designer. He’s the designer & co-founder of CUMA Ram, a USA manufacturing outlet that manufactures his CUMA Ram tactical pen design, one of the finest tactical pens I’ve had the pleasure to use in the past several years since the pen trend hit this industry. You can read my SB&T review of Johnny’s pen HERE. That review also touches a bit more deeply on Johnny’s wide-ranging credentials & personal background. Johnny is an avid knife collector, & is a man with a dedicated martial mindset. It makes sense that he’d collaborate once again with Mike Fuller’s TOPS Knives, in Idaho. The two parties previously released a very successful fighter with outdoor-knife DNA, the TOPS CUMA Evolution. CUMA is the acronym for Johnny’s street defense system; Combined Universal Martial Applications…

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SHOT Show 2011: Waysun “Johnny” Tsai and Mr. Snake Blocker Show Off New Tactical Knives

Gun Digest

I’m not sure which aspect of the annual SHOT Show is more entertaining: the people or the new products.

Two interesting characters who ambled into the Gun Digest/Tactical Gear booth putting that dilemma to the test were Waysun Johnny Tsai of the Cuma Ram self-defense facility, and Mr. Snake Blocker of the Blocker Academy.

Both masters in the martial arts, they were armed with new signature tactical knives from Tops…

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DVD Review: Volume One – Practical Tactical Pen Street Defense

BC Video

This is an advanced copy review of Waysun Johnny Tsai’s Volume One: Practical Tactical Pen Street Defense DVD. The DVD is meant to complement Johnny Tsai’s Practical Kung-Fu Street Defense.

Master Tsai holds eighth degree black sash certification in Tsa Family Shaolin Chuan Fa Kung Fu and Tai Kit Kuen Kung Fu. He’s appeared in such publications as Inside Kung Fu magazine, Art of the Warrior magazine, and also has authored several books and has starred in several DVDs…

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DVD Review: Volume Two – Practical Tactical Impact and Edged Weapons

BC Video

This is an advanced copy review of Waysun Johnny Tsai’s Volume Two: Practical Tactical Impact and Edged Weapons DVD. The DVD is meant to complement Johnny Tsai’s Practical Tactical Pen Street Defense.

Master Tsai holds an eighth degree black sash certification in Tsai Family Shaolin Chuan Fa Kung Fu, and Tai Kit Kuen Kung Fu. He’s appeared in such publications as Inside Kung Fu magazine, Art of the Warrior magazine, and also has authored several books and has starred in several DVDs…

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Front Site Post

I would be lying if I said I knew about the extensive background that the CUMA TAC-RI had, before starting this review. I stumbled upon the blade while looking over some of the TOPS Knives products in search of a survival knife. I was intrigued by the shape of the blade and its similarities to a Gurkaha Kukuri. I got a hold of Mike (CEO) over at Tops Knives and ask him if he could get me in touch with the CUMA TAK-RI’s creator. Being the stand up guy he is, Mike put me in contact with Waysun “Johnny” Tsai, the man responsible for the CUMA TAC-RI…

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Snake Eyes #16 cover

Robert Atkins Art

snakeeyescoverIt’s been a while since my last post. Mostly due to juggling a few projects at once and trying to catch up on commissions.

This was a cover to Snake Eyes that ran on issue #16, the last issue of my arc on the title. It just came out last Wed. I’ll still be doing a few upcoming covers and some more interior work is planned for this fall. I’m really excited about what I have coming up. Here are my layouts and line art for the cover…

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Tactical Pen Buzzz


Many of us have watched the “rise” of the Tactical pen, and there seems to be no end in sight. There are allot more options these days and I have found that to be a good thing.

Which Tactical pen to purchase is choice that can be based upon a wide variety of merits. Some might consider the perceived functionality, while others cost and some purely based upon “sex appeal”…

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The CUMA RAM Tactical Pen, designed by Master Waysun Johnny Tsai.


Tactical Pens have been one of those industry trends whose popularity just doesn’t seem to subside. It’s likely that the tactical pen craze won’t subside, ever, because it’s such a simple idea that makes amazingly great sense. You obviously can’t always have your knife, firearm or other favored weapon on your person due to societal restrictions, like when you fly or go to court etc. But being “knife & gun people”, we usually always want something on us that can act as a force multiplier. It makes sense to have a variety of options to carry for personal defense in different environments. Tactical pens are perfect for situations where firearms are prohibited, and the carry of an edged weapon may be a bit dicey. Unlike standard kubotans, they serve a practical dual purpose, seeing as they’re high quality writing instruments…

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CUMA Practical Tactical DVDs

American Truth

I had the great pleasure to meet Kung-Fu Master Wayson Johnny Tsai at a writers’ conference a few months back. In truth I thought he was a tad out of place. The room was full of “gun writers” and here sat a martial artist who looked for all the world like he’d be more comfortable (and better suited) to teaching Kung-Fu on a South Pacific island. Never judge a book by its cover was the lesson I had to relearn… again… and I’m just glad I didn’t stick my foot in my mouth when I met him. As the conference went on I learned that Johnny had developed several DVDs on self-defense as well as designing his own defense pen and a knife (now he has another knife design out as well).

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