WHAT is the C.U.M.A Survival school?
We are NOT a martial arts school. The C.U.M.A. Survival School is a worldwide network of mobile Urban and Wilderness Survival instructors. Our courses range from basic urban and wilderness survival to advanced SERE and Escape and Evasion. All classes are blended with Core Fitness training and C.U.M.A. COMBATIVES (armed and unarmed) in case you have to FIGHT your way out of the worst case scenario. Again, we specialize in mobile training and only have only one store front location which is based in Chicago, Illinois. This location serves as our base camp and HQ. There is no idol worship in our school, all of our instructors are highly qualified and have decades of experience under their belts in their respective fields.

Where can I get more information on C.U.M.A. COMBATIVES?
Search Waysun Johnny Tsai or “C.U.M.A. COMBATIVES” on www.YouTube.com or www.Google.com
Watch our Blog Page “SIJO’s Blog”

C.U.M.A. COMBATIVES is a fun and easy to learn reality-based PRACTICAL street-defense program with heavy focus on SURVIVAL. C.U.M.A. or Combined Universal Martial Arts Application, is a tactical fighting system that can be applied open-handed or easily transferred to sticks, knives or any other impact or edged weapon. Student’s of C.U.M.A. learn combat proven methods within reality based scenarios. This class will help you that build the MINDSET and GROSS MOTOR SURVIVAL SKILLS that are street effective enough to potentially save YOUR life.

By combining the most valuable aspects of over a dozen martial arts (Kung Fu, Boxing, BJJ, Freestyle Wrestling, Kali, Urban Survival, Improvised weapons training, Edged weapons training, Muay Thai, Street Fighting) with the most valuable aspects of law Enforcement and Modern Tactical training,
C.U.M.A. COMBATIVES produces real world defensive techniques that are currently being used by Police Officers, Military personnel and Private Security Details (PSD) around the world.

How much are classes?
That can vary dependent on which class you enroll in. Please check which classes are currently available on this website.

Am I too old to start training?
NO. If you are NOT too old to be attacked then you are NOT too old to train. Unless you are senile.

Do you teach children?
YES. Only select few of our locations offer C.U.M.A. SURVIVOR KIDS classes ages 8 – 13. We DO NOT OFFER ACTIVITIES FOR PRE-SCHOOLERS, if you want your child to learn C.U.M.A. survival training, UNDERSTAND that “Cute Little Sally” will actually be taught HOW to FIGHT and be introduced to Urban VIOLENCE, street defense, situational awareness, ground survival, basic outdoor survival and knife attack survival. There will be NO breaking boards while looking “cute”.

Isn't this the same thing as KARATE or Tae Kwon Do?
NO. Not even close. PLEASE READ the description of what we teach at the top of this page.

Do you train MMA fighters, Boxers, Kickboxers etc...?
NO. Most of the techniques that we teach would be considered highly illegal in in ANY competitive fighting circuit. We are mainly mobile trainers and could not commit the time required to train a fighter to the championship level he or she would deserve.

How long will it take me to get a BLACKBELT in C.U.M.A.?
We don’t know. How long does it take you to get a Black Eye on the street? That should be your first concern when it comes to Combatives training. Our man concern it to train you to become your own Bodyguard. It is VERY possible to become a certified C.U.M.A. instructor with time, patience and effort.

I want to get some formal training. Are there any prerequisites?
Some classes have a prerequisite. Our ONLY real requirment after that is your willingness to learn and follow instructions. There is no need to “train before you train”.

I’ve been able to KICK ASS for years; do I really need formal training?
YES. Members of the world’s deadliest fighting forces (Example: NAVY SEALS), WORLD CHAMPION Boxers and MMA fighters TRAIN all the time, WHY wouldn’t YOU? Seriously, we teach classes to a lot of professional warriors who are Ring Fighters, Military, Law Enforcement and in the Security Industry (Body Guards/PSD). We have something to offer everybody who is serious
about personal defense.

Do I have to wear a Karate GI?
NO. We do not teach KARATE. We prefer that our students wear C.U.M.A. T-Shirts in classs as it helps to promote Brotherhood within the classroom atmosphere.

What other equipment do I need?
An Open Mind and willingness to learn. Training knives are good to have. C.U.M.A. knives and training gear would not hurt to have but are NOT required except for C.U.M.A. instructors.

I’m in Law Enforcement; can I train in my duty gear?
YES. However you may prefer that you train in loose and comfortable clothing. NO LIVE firearms or weapons are permitted in the classroom. Firearms are only permitted in C.U.M.A. classes that are on the range.

Do you train the physically impaired?
YES. We are glad to help anyone who needs to be able to fight.

What type of physical condition should I be in to attend your classes?
As long as you are not under doctor’s order to stay in bed our courses should be fine. Most of our classes have movement, bending, or kneeling. If there was a particular drills that you couldn’t do because of
flexibility or another reason that is not an issue with us.

Do you allow spectators at your classes?
Yes we do. The cost is the same as participation. When you sign up on-line there is a place after you add your credit card information for comments. Simply put “I am attending as a spectator” in that area.

I heard that instructors and students sometimes use foul language. Is that true?
Yes, if you piss us off during class. Seriously, we don’t use unprovoked cursing to prove a point, it’s just poor form. The course material is of a mature nature and we sometimes use adult language
during the training. If you require more etiquette in your training environment we encourage you attend another school.

Can I buy C.U.M.A. GEAR from you?
Yes. We sell all of our own products directly and at competitive prices.
Please visit our C.U.M.A. GEAR SHOP.

Do you REALLY have a 100% refund policy if I am not happy?
Yes. All you have to do is articulate why the course was unsatisfactory
in front of the other students before class is dismissed.

How do I register?
You can view the course schedule on this website and click the “Register” button for the date and location of the class that suits your needs.

How soon do classes fill up?
We have no idea.

How do I know if there are openings in a particular seminar?
If the “Register” button is there then you can sign up.

What should I expect after I register?
The info you need is on the site. If you need further info contact us at info@cumasurvivalschool.com

Do I pay in full when I register?

Do you take checks, CCs, PayPal, etc?

Will you hold a class slot without payment?
NO…but we will work with you.

What happens to my money if I cancel? What is your refund policy?
Our refund and cancellation policy is prominently displayed on our site during the pre-registration process. Please read it carefully.

Can I buy a gift certificate?
YES….but they are not very cool looking.

Can I hire C.U.M.A. SURVIVAL SCHOOL for training engagements?
Yes. We specialize in seminars, corporate workshops and Bootcamps. Please send an e-mail to SIJO@cumasurvivalschool.com with date and locations and to get fees estimates.

I have had a lot of training and am pretty tough do I really need this?
Please see our second answer on THIS FAQ page, if you think you will show up to class and NOT learn something, that would be a mistake.

What languages are used in your classes?
English only. If your non-English speaking group of 8 or more wants to bring an interpreter you are welcome to organize a private training class. You will have to train separately from the English speaking students because the interpretations takes up valuable class time.

Will SIJO Waysun Johnny Tsai be my instructor for EVERY class that I attend?
NO. Not unless you hire him for private lessons. All of SIJO’s certified C.U.M.A. instructors are more than qualified to handle the needs of the classroom.

Can I become certified in C.U.M.A.?
Yes. If you put in the time and training.