C.U.M.A. Urban Survival Training Courses

In today world it’s a sad but real fact that crime rates are rising, the global economy is getting worse and natural disasters are becoming more
prevalent. Today there is a need for everyone to know how to deal with a situation where the powers at be are no longer there to support them. For

  • What would you do if the power grid in your state went out for several weeks?
  • Are you prepared to deal with the aftermath of a hurricane or earth quake situation?
  • Do you have enough supplies and equipment to be able to survive for several weeks?
  • How would you deal with a home invasion?
  • Do you know how to evacuate your area in the case of civil unrest?

These are just some basic questions which you need to have an answer for!
On our 2-day Urban Survival Training Courses in *Illinois* we will give you the knowledge needed to make the best of things in a disaster situation. We
will teach you how to plan and prepare to deal with the problems you will face.

This class is designed to prepare you and your family to survive an urban disaster, either natural or manmade. Hands-on instruction focuses on both
short-term situations ranging from 24 to 72 hours as well as long-term survival resulting from a grid-down situation or pandemic. This class
location contain both indoor and outdoor activities and involves lecture, small-group activities, and individual planning exercises. It is designed
to take you from drafting a family or personal emergency plan to what implementation should look like and the critical survival gear needed along
the way

Topics covered:

  • Survival psychology and the mindset of successful survivors
  • When to stay put in your home and when to bail out
  • Home food and water storage recommendations and the 5 key areas of home preparation
  • Pre-disaster planning and establishing rendezvous points with family members
  • Local, regional, and statewide evacuation strategies
  • How to construct a personal Bail-Out Bag (BOB) for the home, office, and vehicle
  • Water purification methods~ Off-grid medical issues
  • Urban survivor’s first-aid kit
  • Sanitation & hygiene issues
  • Traps and tools for feeding yourself when the grocery shelves empty
  • Communication methods and tips for getting in touch with separated family members
  • Equipping your vehicle for roadside survival

Subjects covered on our Urban Survival Training Courses in ILLINOIS include:

  • Disaster planning
  • Emergency equipment
  • Emergency food and water
  • Fire lighting
  • First aid
  • Communications
  • Security and CUMA COMBATIVES
  • Movement
  • Basic escape and evasion

The fee for our 2-day Urban Survival Course is: $250.00

This training includes camping out at a selected location. Bug Out Bag, Water Bottle and Tent or portable personal shelter recommended.

These classes are limited to 30 people and fill quickly! To register please add this class to your cart and then fill out the registration form at the bottom of this page. Finish registration by going to the shopping cart and finalizing payment.

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