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September 9, 2012 Posted by Waysun Johnny Tsai

Where “Survival IS our Mindset”.

Welcome and thank you for visiting our new home, THE C.U.M.A. SURVIVAL SCHOOL! I would like to personally take a moment to explain our school’s GREATEST EVOLUTIONAL GROWTH to our fans, followers and supporters. When the time came to close down Tsai’s Kung Fu International for good, I had this “knot in my stomach” a very uneasy “I need to barf and then pass out feeling”. I mean we have been around since 1964!

I took a step back, took a deep breath and thought to myself this is not the biggest fight, challenge or bump in life that I have ever faced in my 18 years on Earth (ok maybe a little longer than 18 years).

In fact, like everyone else I have fought and SURVIVED countless amounts personal losses, unemployment and hardships throughout my life and I am still standing, intact and ALIVE along with my wife and children. That’s what a warrior does, if he gets knocked down, he gets up and fights again and does whatever he has to until the war is over. The late GREAT Ron Hood said it best “Survival…it’s all in your head”.

Over the past 26 years of teaching the combat arts, I have reached over 500,000 people across the globe via my live training, book, magazine articles, DVDS and mainly the internet. I have taught so many people (civilians, police and military) to SURVIVE violent and chaotic engagements and have received hundreds of verbal and written testimonials as well as HUGS from people thanking me because my training “saved their life”. These people are SURVIVORS of random (and professional) acts of violence, I am proud to say that I had a part in their ultimate physical survival and that is a pretty good feeling. When these students tell me about their SURVIVAL SUCCESS stories I am always humbled and feel like I have done something right as a teacher. While I feel GREAT about helping so many people survive these encounters with physical violence, I have always felt like there was so much more to offer our WARRIORS IN TRAINING outside of just the martial arts or combative training.

Yes I said, WARRIORS IN TRAINING. The fact is that we are all soldiers that go to war and fight for physical, emotional and physiological survival every single day. We as Humans are faced with survival challenges at home with our bills and families, at work with our jobs and bosses, during our commute to work with traffic and strangers and even when we travel on vacation. We are insect sized specs that have to SURVIVE the very perils of our everyday world. We don’t need a Tsunami or an Earth Quake for disaster or civil unrest to strike out as us with horrific destructive fury. If you are smart enough to still be reading this then you understand the cruddy economic and political condition that our world is in and that pending death can lurk around every dark or brightly lit corner.

Here is a personal and recent story that potentially could have ended very badly for my entire family. Not too very long ago I was on a family road trip to Myrtle Beach, SC with the wife and kids. At 2:30 in the morning while I slept, my wife wakes me up. Something was wrong, we had blown a tire on the side of the mountain KENTUCKY, six miles from the next exit. It was pitch black and raining; the only light was from the speeding semi-trucks that were zipping 3 feet away from my truck by at very high speeds. This was the stuff of nightmares. I was worried about wild animals eating my corpse. Like a dummy I did not have any roadside flares. My survival gear that I keep in my car was out in minutes and perimeters of flashlights were quickly set up around my vehicle. I had my FLAT (DUH) donut sized spare and worthless little car jack out when our road and was pretty stressed side assistance finally showed up. If we did not have roadside assistance, I had been prepared with the right mindset and enough gear, food and water to at the very least deal with the situation and keep my family safe and “comfortable” until I could get some help. After the tow truck left, we drove the donut to the next exit and spent the night in a hotel. After $300 for a hotel and a new tire we were on our way to a great vacation! While we made it out of this without any harm, I had to admit to myself that I was not as prepared as I should have been for the situation. A good full sized spare, a better correct sized jack and road flares would have had us on our way in no time.

To increase our chances of surviving certain physical and psychological death, all we need to do is become brutally honest with ourselves and accept the fact that we are not naturally born experts at surviving everything that life or an angry Earth has to throw at us…we need to train to be prepared. Unless we train and prepare to survive the worst case scenario, we will never be prepared and most likely DIE when the SH*T hits the fan on a global scale, in the privacy and comfort of our homes or in a car at 2:00 am on the side of a mountain road in Kentucky.

So as a SURVIVOR OF DUMB MISTAKES I have decided to change the way we do business and the classes that we offer at our school. We no longer only train to FIGHT others and aggressors, we now train to FIGHT for our lives every day. Sounds pretty dramatic? Actually, it’s pretty FUN. Take a look at the classes we have to offer at The C.U.M.A. SURVIVAL SCHOOL and see if it makes sense:


If you can look at what we have to offer and feel that we can have a positive impact in your life or the life of a loved one then we are the right school for you, in fact we are the ONLY URBAN / WILDERNESS / SURVIVAL School within the city of Chicago.

EACH MEMBER OF OUR PROFESSIONAL teaching staff has several years of on the job experience in their respective fields, some of them have much more experience than even I do in certain areas. Our staff includes Public School teachers, Urban / Wilderness Survival instructors, Military (active and retired), Police officers (active and retired), EMT emergency Instructors, First Aid Instructors, Martial Artists, CERTIFIED C.U.M.A. COMBATIVES Instructors, Certified Firearm and Security Team trainers.

Since we are MOBILE TRAINERS, our courses are available exclusively via seminars, corporate workshops and private lessons. Please check our schedule on top of our home page or email to book a training session.

Thank you again for visiting, reading about and supporting our new venture.
We have many exciting things in store for YOU our SURVIVAL students.

STAY tuned…STAY safe…STAY alive.

All The Best-
SIJO Waysun Johnny Tsai
C.U.M.A. COMBATIVES & The C.U.M.A. Survival School

Call us today at 773-227-1888 to Register for classes today and see why we say “Survival IS our Mindset”.
We accept payments via Visa, MasterCard, Cash, Money order, Personal Checks and PAYPAL.

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